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The Hemp Eyewear optical collection showcases the very best of hemp fibre innovation. Our frames are all unisex, available with any prescription lens or blue light-blocking filter. Opt for the customised engraving service for a personal touch.

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16 products

Starboard OpticalStarboard Optical
Starboard Optical Sale price£349.00
California Dreamin' OpticalCalifornia Dreamin' Optical
California Dreamin' Optical Sale price£349.00
Goji Martini OpticalGoji Martini Optical
Goji Martini Optical Sale price£349.00
3500 BCE Optical3500 BCE Optical
3500 BCE Optical Sale price£349.00
Wulver - MacdonaldWulver - Macdonald
Wulver - Macdonald Sale price£280.00
Wulver - Irish NationalWulver - Irish National
Wulver - Irish National Sale price£280.00
Nessie - MacdonaldNessie - Macdonald
Nessie - Macdonald Sale price£280.00
Nessie - Irish NationalNessie - Irish National
Nessie - Irish National Sale price£280.00
Kelpie - MacdonaldKelpie - Macdonald
Kelpie - Macdonald Sale price£280.00
Kelpie - Irish NationalKelpie - Irish National
Kelpie - Irish National Sale price£280.00
Harrelson Sale price£220.00
Shakespeare Sale price£220.00
Vincent Sale price£220.00
Canepina Sale price£220.00
Mucha Sale price£220.00
Robin Sale price£220.00