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About us

 We handcraft eyewear from hemp in a small workshop in Edinburgh.

Sustainability and quality design are what we're all about. Hemp is nothing new, once a popular material for rope, fuel, food and clothing, our society slowly abandoned it in favour of cotton and, later, oil-based plastics.

We believe the first challenge of building a sustainable world is to use existing natural resources in new ways, and to shift our mindset on consumerism to live up to that new vision. When we discovered hemp 6 years ago we fell in love with the material and its long history.

Hemp is an amazing plant. It needs hardly any water to grow. It can grow on bad soil, in diverse climates, and can be grown without the intensive use of pesticides. Its fibres are strong, light and perfect for eyewear.

So we decided to create the world’s first eyewear made from hemp and bring it back into the limelight. We want to show the world that we already have many of the things we need to build a more sustainable society.

Our frames are strong and light, they don't use fossil fuels, they’re ethically handmade by us, and once complete they, and the material, look like nothing else.

Everything about our eyewear is unconventional. The material. The process. The design and the look. If you’re someone who sees things differently, Hemp Eyewear is for you.