About us


Hemp Eyewear is the worlds first sustainable eyewear line made from hemp fibre and water… 

...And no, you can’t smoke them!

We’re a group of designers and craftsmen with a revolutionary spirit who are
passionate about sustainability, design and industrial hemp.

We have pioneered leading edge sustainable technologies and combined them with traditional artisanal techniques to create unique, one of a kind eyewear.

Hemp was used all over the world for centuries but has fallen into obscurity in recent years. It’s misunderstood and shrouded in confusion. It’s our mission to bring hemp back into the limelight! 

Hemp is the one of the most sustainable, beautiful and diverse materials on earth.

It’s an ideal alternative to harmful plastics and in the world's current climate crisis, it’s right on time.  

Incorporating hemp into sunglasses allows you to enjoy something truly unique and still be responsible.

Everything about our eyewear is unconventional. The material. The process. The
design and the look. If you’re someone who sees things differently, this one’s for

Frames being made


Why hemp?

The most renewable, eco friendly and diverse resource on earth is industrial hemp. Hemp can be grown anywhere in the world, even on poor soil, and without the need for harmful pesticides.

It isn’t new. Figures like Levi Strauss and Henry Ford have been known to use hemp, but for a long time, it fell into obscurity. Our mission is to show that hemp is at the core of an innovative, sustainable future, with applications that are almost limitless. We’re starting by using hemp to revolutionise eyewear.

Our Process

Our hemp comes from France. Raw fibre is transformed into a strong yet lightweight material using our eco-conscious technology and specialised machinery. It’s as clean as it gets: the only byproduct of our process is water vapour.

Because it’s a natural material, each of our frames is one-of-a-kind. Our craftsmen spend weeks transforming the processed material into eyewear frames, before adding a v-groove for the lenses, and using a special router to cut our two trademark grooves into each frame.

We complete the hemp element of the frames by sanding them for hours using wet and dry paper, achieving a smooth, comfortable and beautiful-looking finish.

Every single screw, rivet and hinge is marked, drilled and attached by hand. We only use precision-engineered components made from the best materials: if it's not made from hemp then it's made from the highest grade titanium to ensure long-lasting performance and quality.