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Bespoke Eyewear

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Bespoke eyewear Edinburgh Hemp Eyewear bespoke eyewear. A service which allows you to create your perfect eyewear frame. With the power of the internet, our bespoke design service is offered to both local and international customers.

We will design your very own personalised eyewear completely bespoke for you. Working with us, you will co-design your dream eyewear frame:

  • Design your eyewear shape down to the last detail 
  • Adjust the sizing of your frame for a perfect fit  
  • Choose any colour combination using our leading edge sustainable technology 
  • Customise your nose pad and arm options with hemp or titanium 
  • Personalise your frame with an engraving on the arm
  • Choose from our range of over 1000 lenses (sunglass and optical tints)

Bespoke eyewear in 3 easy steps:

  1. Opening Consultation 
  2. Bespoke Design
  3. Manufacture 

bespoke eyewear scotland

STEP 1 - Opening Consultation 

Tell us about yourself. What are your interests? What are you looking for in your dream eyewear frame? How can we improve your life with the perfect frame for you? At this stage we discuss reference images and take your measurements... 

International customer:
Taking measurements remotely is not complicated. We have developed an easy system to take your exact measurements. All you need is a ruler and a camera phone. We can take consultations over a video call or email. Whatever works for you.

Local customer: 
Our showroom and workshop is located in Edinburgh. If you’re in the city we can take measurements and talk about your dream frame in person. 

STEP 2 - Bespoke Design

bespoke eyewear design scotland

From the reference images we discuss in Step 1 we start incorporating your design features into the frame. Usually we send 3-4 variations of the design. With your feedback we decide on the final design for your dream frame. 

STEP 3 - Manufacture 

bespoke handmade eyewear

Your bespoke eyewear design is sent to our Edinburgh workshop where we start handcrafting your frame using our sustainable technology. It usually takes around 9-10 weeks to manufacture and ship your order after the opening consultation.

Single vision prescription lenses and sunglass lenses are included. Single vision lenses come with anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating.

*If you have a different prescription to single vision we can still make your frame. Your local optician can help us fit your prescription*

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Bespoke Eyewear Examples

Below are some examples of bespoke eyewear we have made for previous customers. We have added bit of information behind the customer and the design to give some background of the process. 

Arts & crafts designer:

She wanted something big, bold and a little bit quirky.  Bespoke eyewear scotland


Their favourite musician in the 60's & 70's was Roy Orbison who was renowned for his thick eyewear.  They wanted an Orbison-inspired frame with darker colour material. Bespoke eyewear glasgow

Engineer & Teacher:

This frame was made extra wide to meet this customers requirements. They wanted a round blue frame which had something different about it. With them, we co-designed an oversized panto shape with top bar and silver temples.

Bespoke eyewear design


Special Edition: 

Our heart shaped frame which was developed for our 'I LOVE HEMP' concept. It shows the possible shape options  available with bespoke. Our natural hemp material was combined with gold titanium temples and we also engraved the production run numbers with gold paint. 

cannabis eyewear



The client wanted a stylish square frame in a dark blue colour but were undecided on a thick or thin frame. So we designed a thick bridge with thinner shape in the middle of the frame. 

Bespoke eyewear edinburgh



Classic panto shape with key hole bridge, titanium nose pads and gold titanium temples. Their requirements were for a thinner frame to wear as optical and also wanted lenses which transition into grey sunglasses. 

Bespoke eyewear design edinburgh

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Bespoke Eyewear

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