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Hemp Eyewear bespoke is a service which allows you to create your perfect eyewear frame. With the power of the internet, our bespoke design service is offered to both local and international customers. 

Buying as gift?
We send you a wax sealed letter of confirmation with the name of the lucky person. 

Bespoke Eyewear in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Opening Consultation 
  2. Bespoke Design 
  3. Manufacture 

*it usually takes around 8-10 weeks from opening consolation to create your dream eyewear frame

Bespoke Examples 

See examples of past bespoke designs on our collection page

1. Opening Consultation 

At this stage we discuss reference images and take your measurements... 

International customer:
We have developed an easy system to take your exact measurements. All you need is a ruler and a camera phone. We can take consultations over a video call or email.

Local customer: 
Our showroom and workshop is located in Edinburgh. If you’re in the city we can take measurements and talk about your dream frame in person. 

2. Bespoke Design

We start incorporating your chosen design features into the frame. Usually we send 3-4 variations of the design. With your feedback we decide on the final design to manufacture.

3. Manufacture 

Your eyewear design is sent to our Edinburgh workshop where we start handcrafting your frame. It usually takes around 9-10 weeks to manufacture and ship your order after the opening consultation.

Give the gift of bespoke eyewear

Bespoke eyewear is the perfect gift for a landmark event. Whether it’s for an eyewear enthusiast or someone who loves bespoke items, we guarantee they will love our bespoke eyewear service.

We can send you a physical wax sealed letter of of confirmation with the name of the lucky person. Or if you want to save the trees, we send an online confirmation letter you can choose to print off.


  • All eyewear is covered by Hempcare - our free repairs for life service
  • We will repair your eyewear free of charge covering manufacturing defects and materials for the lifetime of your eyewear frame


  • Extreme breakage due to misuse of product and can not be repaired 
  • We recycle your old broken frame and offer you a 30% discount on a brand new frame
  • Change your style of eyewear for whatever reason - send it back to Hemp Eyewear and receive 30% discount on a new style.
  • Recycle any brand of eyewear frame with us for a 20% discount on a Hemp Eyewear frame. 

Read more about Hempcare

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