Introducing the Mellow Collection: They call me Mellow Yellow...

Next to feature in our new ‘Superfood Series’ is  the Mellow Collection. In contrast to the deep magenta tones yielded from our handmade beetroot dye, the hemp used in the Mellow Collection is dyed with a turmeric solution that results in rich gold and amber hues.
When we were thinking about what the freshly dyed hemp fibres inspired within us, the alliteration ‘Mellow Yellow’ jumped out. An iconic song of the 60’s ended up being quintessential to the creation process of the whole collection. The warm tones seen in the fibres were clearly akin to that garnered from the 60’s era bohemian colour pallet.

Though the 1960’s can be seen as a turbulent time across all areas of life, it is iconically known for being one of the most significant decades that saw the greatest amount of change for the better. This decade was also significant for the movement against nuclear disarmament, through which the iconic Peace Symbol was created. Designed using the naval semaphore flags that depict the letters N and D, the logo for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament was soon adapted globally as a sign of peace and hope and thus was an appropriate inclusion to the Mellow Collection. Though many see it as representative of the counterculture movement of the time, we have chosen to channel the ideologies of the bohemian side of the era and what it represented. 

While there is significant overlap between both the hippie lifestyle and that of the bohemian, the latter focuses on the blossoming of positive vibes with a detachment from socio-political connotations. It encourages a particular type of decadent sophistication and relishes in imaginative freedom, with a growing intent of environmental consciousness as well. 

The hope and growing prosperity of this decade resonated strongly with what we are constantly striving for at Hemp Eyewear. Hemp has all the potential to bring a brighter and better future for both nature and our environment, and we felt that the Mellow Collection with its warm tones and mellifluous designs complemented our bigger mission.

Running with the desire to convey the highlights of the 60’s, the frames have been named after hits from the decade; California Dreamin’, Good Vibrations, and Sunshine of Your Love.

Sunshine of Your Love 

“Sunshine of Your Love" is a 1967 song by the British rock band Cream. With elements of hard rock, psychedelia, and pop, it is one of Cream's most popular songs and a perfect fit for our Mellow Collection. The frames sport a classic  cat eye, reflecting the dramatic flares that were ‘the’ style of the time. This cat eye is designed slightly larger to exhibit the mellow fibres in all their glory. 

Good Vibrations

"Good Vibrations" is a song by the American rock band the Beach Boys that was composed by Brian Wilson with lyrics by Mike Love.  Love says the lyrics were “inspired by the nascent Flower Power movement” and is now considered a modern classic, strongly inspiring the panto shaped frames that too are described as such.

California Dreamin’ 

Made famous by the Mamas and Papas, the song became a signpost of the California sound, heralding the arrival of the nascent counterculture era. Much like the frames, the song is described as harnessing a wide-eyed, sunny optimism attributed to southern California teenage life in the 1960s, a unisex aesthetic suitable for any personality and face shape. 

The collection is completed with a peace sign on the temple tip, the most symbolic ideogram of the 60’s and thus perfect for the Mellow Collection. Additionally, the reverse of the frames are adorned with a bubble pattern, akin to sunflowers and the common rounded and soft shapes that were fashioned at the time. 

The Mellow Collection conveys such a strong story yet the formula itself is incredibly simple. Created just by mixing pure turmeric powder with warm water, and left to soak for twenty four hours before being hung to dry in our onsite workshop. But when looking at the end result, the rich pigment makes it clear that simple is best.

The Trailblazer Collection that will be revealed next week continues to delve into the history books again, this time following the trail blazed through time by hemp.
And If you want to see more of our behind the scenes dying process and learn more about the dyes used in our Superfood Series, visit the blog post and video here...
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