The Cocktail Collection: We’re shaking things up and serving them neat with beets!

At Hemp Eyewear we're taking our next big step in innovation and have been designing our "Superfood Series" that have been dyed with beetroot, spirulina, chlorophyll and turmeric. 

Over the next four weeks we will be taking the time to shine a spotlight on each collection across our socials and showcasing all there is to know. Starting off with the Cocktail Collection - we will have a round up at the end of each week that discusses anything you may have missed and provides you with everything you need to know! 

It is well established that being sustainable and unconventional is at the heart of our philosophy, as we continue on our mission to showcase the scope of possibilities with the super crop that is hemp. We've positioned ourselves as pioneers in using the organic fibre in all of the products we offer. After the global success of Hemp Eyewear over the last five years, we are writing the next chapter in our story with our new technology. 

Over the last few months we have been experimenting with more ways in which our styles push the boundaries of sustainable design by exploring an array of naturally vibrant pigments to dye hemp fibres. 

The vibrant pink and red hues are achieved by first soaking the fibres for 24 hrs with beetroot dye and then air drying thoroughly before processing the fibres into strong and lightweight eyewear frames. The dye is created by blending and straining raw beetroot, the concentrated juice results in an incredibly rich colour and the pulp is recycled as compost. This process ensures no waste, and comparative analysis of beetroot pulp and cattle manure has shown that beet pulp surpasses it in organic matter content by 27.4% making it a fantastic resource for our plants too (1).

Our material process itself is as clean as it gets, the only by-product from the pressing process being H20 or water vapour. Each colour collection will feature three exclusive frame shapes. The randomly aligned fibres in combination with the process of our highly skilled craftsmen results in frames that are identical in shape while all being completely unique. 

The deep rose tone achieved from the beetroot reminded us of the rich colour palette of the 80’s. With the inspiration of flamboyant fashion, neon lights and the rise of cocktail bars, this decade is certainly a signpost of a changing society. The decade saw major socioeconomic change due to advances in technology and a worldwide move away from planned economies and towards laissez-faire capitalism. Immigration was at an all time high and cities like San Francisco were a true mix of pernicious political tensions and growing popularity of comedy clubs.

This time was also overseen by great pop culture including what many would consider some of the best movies, music, TV shows, and toys of all time. It is the decade most often associated with nostalgia and the style, and memories of the decade, continue to live on. Such a tumultuous decade of changing politics, economy and society lent a hand in the booming interest in the cocktail scene and thus the idea came to name this collection after some of the biggest cocktails at the time.

The Tequila Sunrise, Goji Martini, and Bloody Mary frames are all very classic and sleek designs and will all be available with either optical lenses or an  Italian made rose gradient sunglass lens. Read below to find out what makes each style so unique;

Tequila Sunrise

Made famous by the Rolling Stones, the Tequila Sunrise is a refreshing drink fitting for our refreshing Cocktail Collection. The hugely popular modern version of the cocktail was created in San Francisco California, which was a hotspot for cocktails and neon lights in the 80’s. Our Tequila Sunrise frame takes you back in time with its oversized retro aviator shape. 

    Goji Martini

    A sophisticated name for a sophisticated frame- Goji Martini  is a refreshing twist on our  popular Crosby frame. Just as the cocktail is described, these frames appear strong yet surprisingly delicate, with a stylish panto  shape with slightly enlarged temple lugs and a keyhole bridge.

      Bloody Mary

      The Bloody Mary is of such notoriety that it even has its own unofficial National Day on the 1st of January that is recognised amongst the cocktail drinking community. As such this is a classic drink that is a must have in our Cocktail Collection! Spice things up with these large rectangular glasses that are flattering for most face shapes.

        The inside of the temples features artwork that channels the 80’s aesthetic, featuring a grid design inspired by the neon coloured grids often found in science fiction designs at the time. Additionally, the handwritten “Cocktail” logo is a homage to the magenta brush stroke typefaces associated with the decade. The temple ends have been hollowed out and shaped in a martini glass style, a small but strong feature that truly completes the look of each frame in the Cocktail Collection.

        Hemp Eyewear will be releasing this collection, along with three others as part of the Superfood Series on the 27th of August, so make sure to keep an eye out on weekly  features across our social medias each week. Also, come back next Friday to learn more about the hugely contrasting Mellow Collection, and its rich gold and amber colours reminiscent of the warm tones seen in bohemian culture that rose in popularity in the 60s. 

        If you want to see more of our behind the scenes dying process see our previous blog post and video here...
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