World Environment Day: keep evolving to keep revolving.

With World Environment Day nearly upon us, we feel it is important to take a moment to consider what we are currently doing and where we could be doing more for our planet.  The team at Hemp Eyewear and MVMNT have done this and we hope that you find time to do so too. Biodiversity loss and climate change are inseparable threats to humanity that must be addressed together, so whether you start recycling cardboard packaging or stop buying facial cleansers that contain microplastics- EVERY ACTION MATTERS! 

Being sustainable whilst still maintaining our desire of unconventionality is at the heart of our proudly Scottish start-up, and we continue our venture to showcase the scope of possibilities with the super crop that is hemp. The hemp used by our business is sustainably grown in Europe and takes about 90 days to grow in full and then is harvested and processed in three parts- all of which are legitimate possibilities for the widespread replacement of unsustainable things like single use plastic and fossil fuels.

  • The inner crop, called the 'hurd'; likened to bark and seen in hempcrete or other specialty hemp goods. 
  • The hemp seeds, which can be used for cosmetics, oils and biofuel. 
  • Finally, the 'bast fibres’ of the plant are used in our eyewear and other products like paper and textiles. 

And each of Hemp Eyewear’s frame designs in their distinct curated collection are named after something of significance within the hemp community. One example is the Shakespeare, named after William Shakespeare who wrote his greatest works on hemp paper. The poem "The Praise of Hemp-Seed" is a remembrance of Shakespeare after his death, praising hemp paper for its durability and thus ability to keep his art alive.

This super crop is then further processed in house by our manufacturing team who have pioneered a leading-edge sustainable technology that is used for both the eyewear and watches, forming the hemp fibre into strong and lightweight shapes. The material process itself is as clean as it gets, the only by-product from it being H2O as water vapour. And with the inherent structure of the randomly aligned hemp fibres combined with high-accuracy machining, every frame and watch has been completely identical while also being completely unique. 

And for our watches we have even partnered with ANANAS, producers of Piñatex. This is a 100% vegan and organic alternative to traditional, animal leather, which so often is unethically sourced and environmentally damaging. Instead these watch straps are made from the fibre of pineapple leaves that pile up abundantly as a direct result of agricultural waste. The result is a supple pineapple leather band, which is a stunning solution to a shocking problem. 

We further push the message of sustainability and environmental awareness by offering all of our customers the  support of ‘hempcare’ in order to prolong the life cycle of our products. 


This forward thinking is the inspiration behind the naming of our sister company Hemp MVMNT - a movement towards sustainability and the use of hemp in a wider context. While Hemp Eyewear  and MVMNT continue to strive to be as sustainable as possible, we also focus on showcasing the possibilities of eco materials by pushing the boundaries of their uses.

We are at the forefront of environmentally green change and are now writing their next chapters in their story. The company has been exploring and experimenting with more ways in which we can push the boundaries of sustainable design by getting back to nature and you can keep up-to-date with these developments via their blog and our socials.
Join us as we do our part for the sustainable revolution.