The Holy Mackerel Collection: We are shore you will be swept away by these.

Last but certainly not least is Holy Mackerel. This unique blue collection was only made possible by working with various scientists in Scotland to source a blue Spirulina that was stable enough to withstand the strenuous machining processes that the fibres go through. The blue and white hemp sheets are reminiscent of waves breaking in the ocean and as such the frames have been named after nautical terms; Mariner, Starboard and Shipshape. Due to the strong links between this collection and the ‘sailor aesthetic’, the inside of the frames feature white stripes with handwritten names and are adorned with a petite anchor design.

The most innovative and revolutionary of the organic colour dyes will be our blue frames. Phycocyanin, or just PC, is a natural blue pigment, which is normally found in blue-green algae such as Spirulina. Inside the cell, PC helps to absorb light energy that cannot be normally absorbed by the major green pigments – chlorophylls. Typically, when PC is harvested from Spirulina it is unstable and prone to discolouration outside of a relatively narrow range of temperature and acidity conditions. This is because Spirulina has evolved to grow optimally at 20-35 °C, so the pigments obtained from it are only stable up to ~50 °C. However, by utilising the advances in synthetic biology and genetic engineering, the researchers have managed to produce a thermostable PC, which makes the process far more sustainable by significantly reducing the energy required to harvest the pigment. 

Using such a unique compound that is actually sourced from the sea ties in perfectly with the Holy Mackerel Collection that pertains frames with equally apt names. The nautical theme is further brought to life through the mixed blues reminiscent of waves, anchor details and sailor-esque stripes on the inside of the temples.


A phrase meaning in good and seamanlike order in reference to the condition of a ship. The expression had its origin when Bristol was the major west coast port of the UK at a time when all its shipping was maintained in good order. We felt that this modern gender-neutral cat eye style would be a most appropriate addition to our Holy Mackerel collection. 


The term mariner comes from the Latin word marīnus, meaning “marine” (of or relating to the sea or ocean), and goes back as far as the 1200’s. A fitting name within our sailor themed collection- these frames are a round panto style with flat top and keyhole bridge. Much like the term Mariner, these are a gender-neutral classic shape that compliments all.


As a sustainable company we always aim to do whats right. We thought this name would be a play on words that aptly suits the nautical theme. Starboard has been a key term amongst sailors through centuries to refer to the right side of the ship. As many were right handed, the steering oar was placed over or through the right side of the stern and combined two Old English words: stéor (meaning "steer") and bord (meaning "the side of a boat"). The Starboard frame is a  rounded square style withcorners that have been subtly softened. This classic shape with a  modern  key-hole bridge, makes the perfect combination for a trendy style.

The Holy Mackerel was the last collection to be revealed of the Superfood Series. Across the Cocktail, Mellow, Trailblazer and Holy Mackerel collections you will see that the randomly aligned fibres in combination with the process of our highly skilled craftsmen results in frames that are identical in shape while all being completely unique. 
These collections are all connected through the way they utilise organic pigments to produce stunning results that truly showcase the beauty of hemp, in a refreshing take. Moreover, the concept of natural dyes is something that strongly aligns with our mission and outlook, and we feel it is our Corporate Social Responsibility to be as organic and environmentally friendly as possible.

We are passionate about eliminating plastic and unsustainable chemicals from our process, as we continue to push the boundaries of sustainable design by getting back to natural roots. Everything we do is driven by our passion for  the environment, and how we can turn the super crop, hemp, into the highest quality accessories. The release of the Superfood Series that will soon be on sale  is just the beginning of our exploration into  how we can expand peoples ideas of natural materials, and emphasise the diversity and beauty  of hemp. 

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