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Article: Custom Eyewear

Custom Eyewear

Custom Eyewear

We are pleased to announce the launch of our custom eyewear service. Customising your eyewear allows you to take an existing Hemp Eyewear frame and add personalised elements including: 

  • Frame Colour
  • Temple Colour
  • Lens Colour
  • Lens Type
  • Frame Size
  • Engrave text

Frame Colour 

Choose from a range of 4 different frame colours. Each colour has been developed using eco dyes combined with our sustainable solid hemp technology. We offer our trademark Natural Hemp colour, Turbine Hemp (blue), Tortoise Hemp (Brown) and a new stripes pattern.

Temple Colour

Much the same as the frame front, you can also personalise your eyewear with a choice of 4 different temple colours.

Customised Eyewear

Lens Colour 

We offer 5 different lens colours for you to choose from including Teak Brown, Lime Green, Maroon, Sky Blue and Clear. You can select if you want ‘normal’ sun lenses or prescription lenses in the next section.

Customised Eyewear

Lens Type 

Here you can choose what type of lens you want. You can choose any colour lens in both prescription (for corrective vision) and non-prescription (for people you do not need corrective vision lenses). 

We also offer Blue Light Filter lenses which block harmful blue light from computer or mobile screens. Over exposure to screens/blue light can cause headaches, sleep problems and lower your mood. Our Blue Light Filter lenses are for everyone as we offer both prescription and non-prescription options.


We offer Small, Regular and Large eyewear sizes. There is a size guide included in the information tab (example photo below) so you can select what size will fit you best. Also note that we use high quality spring hinges which vastly improves the fit of Hemp Eyewear. 

Engrave Text 

Personalise your customised eyewear by adding your name or text of your choice up to 20 characters long. The engraving is made on the inside of the temple beside the style name.



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