A homage to Isobel Wylie Hutchison

Isobel Wylie Hutchison was one of the most inspiring individuals to come from Scotland. Born at Carlowrie Castle in 1889, Isobel paved the way for female explorers, travelling to Greenland and Iceland before women could even vote. On top of that, she was known for her interest and skill as a botanist, writer, artist and filmmaker.

To celebrate the legacy of Hutchison, a collaboration between Carlowrie Castle, the Royal Scottish Geographical Society, and Craft Design House has resulted in the Isobel Wylie Hutchison Collection.

We are thrilled to have worked alongside illustrator Felicity Hamilton to create a unique pair of sunglasses for the collection.

unique sunglasses by Felicity Hamilton

The frame shape is derived from mid-century fashions, which provides a generous and fitting canvas. The illustration style is inspired by the fashions Isobel wore, the places she visited, and the things she saw. The vibrant, floral design Felicity has applied is a perfect match to the natural hemp fibre, and we are extremely impressed by the level of detail. 

If we're honest, painted frames aren't something we ever thought about, but we love them! Many thanks to Felicity Hamilton, and Gillian Scott at Craft Design House for including us in this fantastic collection.