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Size Guide

Option 1: Take measurements from your current eyewear

The easiest way to find the best size for your new hemp frame is to check the sizing on your existing glasses. On almost all eyewear there will be measurements somewhere on the temple arms. The number on the left, usually followed by a square shape, is the lens width of the frame. The middle number, usually followed by a dash, is the bridge width. The final number on the right is the temple length.

Compare the dimensions of your existing eyewear to our table of dimensions in our Style Guide, to find frames a similar size. Remember, if you find a style you like but it is not the correct size, we offer bespoke sizing on all of our bespoke range.


If you don’t have existing glasses to check, do not worry, we can still take your measurements.

Option 2: We take your measurements digitally (with your help) 

Step 1:
 Hold a ruler horizontally across your face and take a photo. When taking the photo we get the best results if you hold the camera at arms length. This is because an object gets distorted when photographed up close. From this photo we will be able to determine the dimensions of your face.

Step 2: Hold a ruler horizontally across the side of your head and take a second photo from the side. This one is a bit harder as you won’t be able to look at the camera, so it may take a couple attempts! This photo will help us to identify what length of temple will best fit you. 

Next, upload your photos in the form below and we'll get back to you with your dimensions as soon as we can.

DISCLAIMER: All client photos are deleted once measurements have been taken.