Hemp Eyewear features at MQ Vienna Fashion Week

Hemp Eyewear featured at the 2017 MQ Vienna Fashion Week as part of fashion designer, Paul Direk's collaboration with Pitour Fashion. The two combined to create the CHANGE collection which featured on the runways in Vienna.

This collaboration has merged the cultures of Thailand and Austria with the two designers coming together to produce a collection purely made from sustainable and eco materials like hemp and silk cotton. Here's a model wearing Hemp Eyewear on the runway at Vienna Fashion Week.

The MQ Vienna Fashion Week has provided us with the perfect platform to showcase some of our high-end eyewear whilst also staying true to our values of producing a sustainable product that is also considered very fashionable.

More importantly, the CHANGE collection highlights the importance of using sustainable textiles in an industry which relies heavily on mass use of natural and human resources. This collection utilised hemp as a key material and Hemp Eyewear are proud to have provided the finishing touch to the look.

In our production of high-end sustainable eyewear we want to encourage a change in the fashion industry as well. It's possible to produce fantastic products that look and feel amazing but don't damage our earth.

Paul was interested in collaborating with Hemp Eyewear so we wanted to produce something special which would demonstrate how amazing our unique hemp material is. The thick frames we designed (above) show how organic and natural the material is as well as how stylish it can be.

In creating this collaboration Direk also wanted to build a cultural bridge between Thailand and Austria - something which he's achieved by using the cities of Vienna and Bangkok as inspiration.

In a similar vein we want Hemp Eyewear to build bridges in the world of sustainable fashion and in doing so, show that this is the future of the fashion industry. Together we can CHANGE this industry for the better whilst also helping to protect the environment.