Our eyewear is handcrafted by skilled artisans in our Edinburgh based workshop. This frame is ‘made to order’ and takes 8-10 weeks crafting and delivery time. 

Dutch painter, Rembrandt painted on hemp canvas like many other artists of his time. His house was located on "Jodenbreestraat" street in Amsterdam, where Rembrandt lived and painted for many years. We've shortened the street name to "Joden".

Joden is a regular sized aviator style frame with a central keyhole bridge to reduce the visual 'heaviness' of the frame.

  • Sustainable: organic hemp fibres, lifetime repair policy, vegan
  • Unique: randomly aligned fibres on the front of each frame
  • High-quality comfort: spring hinges to fit heads of all sizes, hemp nose pads, lightweight and strong
  • Sold as frame only
  • MADE FROM HEMP - You’re friends are going to ask questions. We have created the most unique material in eyewear using our eco technology.

  • CHOICE OF LENSES - Scroll below to see full descriptions of lens choices 
  • QUALITY TITANIUM TEMPLES - We use the finest grade titanium temples available in classic gold or silver. Titanium temples are lightweight, strong and very durable. They can also be reused and recycled.

  • TITANIUM NOSE PADS - Our titanium nose pads are precision engineered in Germany and fully adjustable. Lightweight, strong and built to last.
  • ONE OF A KIND - Nature has no straight lines. Individual plant fibres form different patterns within the material making every pair unique. 
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & STRONG  - Our technology produces solid hemp material which has comparable properties to carbon fibre. Perfect for comfortable eyewear.  
  • HANDCRAFTED IN UK - All our eyewear frames are crafted by hand using sustainable technology and traditional artisanal techniques.
  • VEGAN - We care about the welfare of animals as well as sustainability. We make vegan eyewear from packaging, production to polish.

  • BOX, POUCH, CLEANING CLOTH - we provide everything you need to keep your sunglasses safe and lenses clean. The box and pouch are also made from hemp
Hemp Eyewear Packaging


    *Note: After purchasing your Hemp Eyewear frame we will email you asking for a photo of your lens prescription*


    You need this lens if you have a prescription to help you see further away (short-sightedness). Every lens has an anti-glare and anti-scratch coating as standard.


    You need this lens if you have a prescription to help you see objects closer to like a book for reading (long-sightedness). Every lens has an anti-glare and anti-scratch coating as standard.


    Receive your Hemp Eyewear frame without lenses. Ready for your local optician to fit your prescription lenses. 


    Special lenses which block 35% of blue light from digital screens like your mobile phone of laptop. Excessive use of digital screens can cause: 

    - Trouble sleeping (melatonin imbalance affects circadian rhythm)
    - Digital eyestrain (blurry vision, difficulty focusing, dry irritated eyes)
    - Frequent headaches
    - Mental fatigue and feeling of tiredness 
    - Increased risk of depression or lower mood

    Positive effects of wearing blue-light filtering lenses include:

    - Improves sleep quality and quantity (helps regulate circadian rhythm the body's sleep/wake cycle)
    - Elevates mood
    - Boosts alertness and reaction times
    - Improves memory, learning and general cognitive function
    - Improves eye comfort (alleviates digital eye strain)

    • BLUE-LIGHT BLOCKING (non prescription)
    Available to anyone, even if you don't need prescription for corrective vision. These lenses have all the benefits of Blue-light Filter lenses without any prescription.

    47mm  -  21mm  -  145mm

    (Lens width - Bridge - Temple length)

    Dimensions Joden

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