The most renewable, eco friendly and diverse resource on earth is industrial hemp. Hemp can be grown anywhere in the world, even on poor soil, and without the need for harmful pesticides.

It isn’t new. Levi Strauss used hemp to make the first jeans, and Henry Ford used hemp in his earliest prototypes. But for a long time, it fell into obscurity. Our mission is to show that hemp is at the core of an innovative, sustainable future, with applications that are almost limitless. We’re starting by using hemp to revolutionise eyewear.

Hemp material

hemp material 

Hemp has incredible technical properties. Solid hemp is stronger and lighter than carbon fibre, and there’s no cost to the environment to produce it, unlike the materials upon which almost every industry on earth (including eyewear) currently relies.

But just as excitingly, hemp transforms everyday objects, especially those typically made from plastics, into something extraordinary. The plant’s fibres create unique patterns, which is why each pair of our glasses is as individual as the person who wears them.