• MADE FROM HEMP - You’re friends are going to ask questions. We have created the most unique material in eyewear using our eco technology.

  • CHOICE OF LENSES - Scroll below to see full descriptions of lens choices 
  • QUALITY TITANIUM TEMPLES - We use the finest grade titanium temples available in classic gold or silver. Titanium temples are lightweight, strong and very durable. They can also be reused and recycled.

  • TITANIUM NOSE PADS - Our titanium nose pads are precision engineered in Germany and fully adjustable. Lightweight, strong and built to last.
  • ONE OF A KIND - Nature has no straight lines. Individual plant fibres form different patterns within the material making every pair unique. 
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & STRONG  - Our technology produces solid hemp material which has comparable properties to carbon fibre. Perfect for comfortable eyewear.  
  • HANDCRAFTED IN UK - All our eyewear frames are crafted by hand using sustainable technology and traditional artisanal techniques.
  • VEGAN - We care about the welfare of animals as well as sustainability. We make vegan eyewear from packaging, production to polish.

  • BOX, POUCH, CLEANING CLOTH - we provide everything you need to keep your sunglasses safe and lenses clean. The box and pouch are also made from hemp
Hemp Eyewear Packaging


    *Note: After purchasing your Hemp Eyewear frame we will email you asking for a photo of your lens prescription*


    You need this lens if you have a prescription to help you see further away (short-sightedness). Every lens has an anti-glare and anti-scratch coating as standard.


    You need this lens if you have a prescription to help you see objects closer to like a book for reading (long-sightedness). Every lens has an anti-glare and anti-scratch coating as standard.


    Receive your Hemp Eyewear frame without lenses. Ready for your local optician to fit your prescription lenses. 


    Special lenses which block 35% of blue light from digital screens like your mobile phone of laptop. Excessive use of digital screens can cause: 

    - Trouble sleeping (melatonin imbalance affects circadian rhythm)
    - Digital eyestrain (blurry vision, difficulty focusing, dry irritated eyes)
    - Frequent headaches
    - Mental fatigue and feeling of tiredness 
    - Increased risk of depression or lower mood

    Positive effects of wearing blue-light filtering lenses include:

    - Improves sleep quality and quantity (helps regulate circadian rhythm the body's sleep/wake cycle)
    - Elevates mood
    - Boosts alertness and reaction times
    - Improves memory, learning and general cognitive function
    - Improves eye comfort (alleviates digital eye strain)

    • BLUE-LIGHT BLOCKING (non prescription)
    Available to anyone, even if you don't need prescription for corrective vision. These lenses have all the benefits of Blue-light Filter lenses without any prescription.