• CUSTOMISE YOUR EYEWEAR - Take our unique frames one step further and completely customise your eyewear. Choose from: 

- Frame colour 
- Temple colour 
- Lens colour 
- Lens type 
- Frame size
- Personalize text

* Note: Lens Type, Frame size, Personalised text is included in price *

  • ENGRAVE YOUR NAME - You can engrave your name or chosen text into the inside of the temple. We can engrave up to 20 characters.

Hemp eyewear engraving

  • QUALITY SPRING HINGES - Eyewear to fit any shape of head. Hinges made from high quality nickel alloy.

Hemp sunglasses

  • ONE OF A KIND MATERIAL FINISH - Nature has no straight lines. Individual plant fibres form different patterns within the material making every pair unique. We take pride in the quality of our material finish.

  • BOX, POUCH, CLEANING CLOTH - we provide everything you need to keep your sunglasses safe and lenses clean. Box and pouch are also made from hemp

  • 100% UV PROTECTION LENSES - Full UV400 lenses for protection against the sun 

  • PRESCRIPTION LENSES - We offer optical prescription sun lenses and optical prescription clear lenses. Every lens comes with anti-glare and anti-scratch coating as standard.

  • BLUE-LIGHT FILTER LENSES - Overexposure to electronic screens can cause frequent headaches, disrupt sleep and lower our mood. Reduce exposure with blue-light blocking lenses and improve your mood, sleep and lower stress levels. Available in clear prescription or non-prescription lenses.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & STRONG - Our technology produces solid hemp material which has comparable properties to carbon fibre. Perfect for comfortable eyewear.  
  • QUALITY HANDCRAFTED IN UK - All of our frames are crafted by hand using sustainable technology and traditional artisanal techniques.
  • VEGAN - We care about the welfare of animals as well as sustainability. Vegan eyewear from packaging, production to the polish we.