Hemp Eyewear is looking for businesses, bloggers and youtube channels who want to raise awareness of hemp and offer their customers unique hemp products. 

You can link to our website directly using a unique referral link. Once a customer clicks through and buys something on our website, you get paid a commission. 

This is a free program to join and we will provide you with images, video and banner content to add to your marketing channels.  

Why Join?

You receive 15% commission on every sale made from through your referral link. For your customer, a VIP 10% discount code will be available to use on the website. 

You can receive some free or discounted products to review and use to create your own content. We will also share your content and tag you once published to our customers via social media and email. We have one of the most unique products in hemp. If you love hemp as much as we do, help us spread the word. 

Who is Eligible?

Anyone. If you have a website, blog or social media channel and want to link to our website, you can join.

If you have more questions you can contact us otherwise sign up below...