Repair, Reuse and Recycle your eyewear

Hempcare is our free repairs for life and recycle policy.

Free repairs for life 

It’s simple. We care about our customers and we care about the planet.

It's our responsibility, as manufacturers and designers, to control the lifecycle of our products. That's why we offer free repairs for life.  

  • This lifetime guarantee means we will endeavour to repair or replace your eyewear frames for free. So they can be worn for as long as possible.
  • Our guarantee covers manufacturing and material defects as well any breakages which may occur.
  • A small contribution may be requested from Hemp Eyewear depending on the eyewear condition and if caused by human breakage. 

Recycle Policy 

At Hemp Eyewear we are fair, reasonable and want to give you the best service possible. So we offer our Hempcare recycle program. If your Hemp Eyewear frame is beyond repair, we will recycle your frame and give you a discount on a new frame. 

We also recycle any other branded frame for a discount on one of our Hemp Eyewear frames.

  • If you break your eyewear due to misuse of product and it cannot be repaired. Don’t worry, we can recycle your old broken frame and offer you a 30% discount on a brand new frame.

  • If you want to change your style of eyewear for whatever reason, you can send it back to Hemp Eyewear and we will offer you a 30% discount on a new style.

  • You can recycle any brand of eyewear frame with us (even if it is not Hemp Eyewear) and receive a 20% discount on a new Hemp Eyewear frame.

Modular design

Our frames are made so that we can take them apart and put them back together again easily. This modular design means we can extend the product lifecycle, customise eyewear, and repair individual parts if needed.

We use a special spring hinge and quality torx screws which allows us to easily replace and repair each component of our frames.

Designing with a circular model in mind is part of our philosophy. We believe using sustainable material should be standard across all products, but designing with product lifecycle in mind is just as important for the future of our planet. 

Handmade eyewear hemp

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